Maddie’s Fund has been the lifeline to our rescue.  The generosity of this organization cannot be measured.  Below are a few instances of how Maddie’s fund has helped save the lives of animals in our care.

Mia, Mia came to our rescue after she was found beaten with in an inch of her life.  Mia is a pit bull/Boston terrier mix who is approximately 2 years old.  Mia was hit in the head so many times that she is now blind.  Mia also had several lacerations.  Mia suffers from severe separation anxiety to the point where she loses control of her bowels and urine when left alone.  Mia needed some extensive medical and behavioral care.  She went to training to help with the separation anxiety and was brought to an ophthalmologist to see if any vision can be restored.  Sadly it couldn’t be and it was determined that she sees shadows and light.  Mia has found with a wonderful family who is patient and willing to work with her.  Although she still has some separation anxiety she enjoys her life, she goes on daily long walks and enjoys hiking with her new parents.  This success story was made possible through Maddie’s fund.

Rocky, Rocky was rescued from Animal Care Center in Manhattan, Rocky was euth listed because he had kennel cough.  Once in his foster home his condition deteriorated he was quickly diagnosed with pneumonia.  Rocky was admitted to the animal hospital in critical condition after several days of intensive care Rocky was able to go back to his foster home.  Once at his foster home, Rocky started to exhibit behavior problems, some reactivity to the other dogs in the house and basic obedience issues.  Rocky went to Nora’s Dog Training where he graduated with flying colors.  Even with training Rocky requires an experienced home, luckily the right family came forward and adopted him they continue with his training and exercise him daily.  Rocky loves his new home, had it not been for an amazing foster home and Maddie’s fund Rocky would have been a shelter euthanasia statistic.

Sometimes in rescue even with ample funding not all stories have a happy ending. Below are 3 pets that sadly lost their battles this year but where given the chance to fight because we had the funding. 

Blossom came to the rescue when she was found unattended.  Blossom had panleukopenia which she fought hard against and recovered from but shortly after she was diagnosed with FIP, and although she was given extensive supportive care she did not make it.  While in the rescue’s care Blossom knew love and compassion and was nursed round the clock. We all celebrated her ups and were crushed by her downs.  Blossom fought for several days but eventually succumbed to her illness. 

Radja, Dunkin and Madison the 3 musketeers – Radja, Madison and Dunkin came to the rescue from one of our partners in Puerto Rico where they were found fending for themselves on the street,  Unbeknownst to us the 3 had been exposed to Distemper Radja was the first one to get sick she was experiencing vomiting diarrhea, fever and lethargy.  While she was sick, her sister Madison doted over her when standard care didn’t help Radja she was admitted to the hospital where it was discovered that she had distemper, she was put in isolation and given intensive care round the clock, being young and weak she didn’t survive and died several days later,  Madison had to be monitored round the clock and get blood tests to make sure she didn’t contract it since she and Radja were so close they ate, slept and played together before her hospital admittance.  While Radja was fighting her illness it became apparent that Dunkin had gotten it as well, he was immediately admitted to the animal hospital where it was discovered that he not only had distemper but had a metal pipe fitting in his stomach.  Surgery was immediately performed and was a success, but soon after the surgery the distemper started to ravage Dunkin’s tiny little body.  Dunkin dies 2 weeks after his diagnosis. 

Madison never contracted Distemper and was adopted be her loving foster mom.  Madison has 2 fur siblings and enjoys frequent walks and playtime. 

 Our rescue never shies away from an animal in need, recently we were made aware of a rabbit hoarding situation,  70 rabbits in total where taken from the home, they received medical care, and were spay and neuter some have found responsible loving forever homes and others are still waiting.  Without the generosity of Maddie’s fund we would not have been able to step in and help these rabbits living in deplorable conditions. 



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